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Our NG Fury 3D weighted vest will raise your training to the next level. The durable and high qualitiy produced training vest made of Oxford 600D can be individually weighted with our specific body shaped weights plates. It is designed to stay close to the athlete body and avoids unnecessary movement without putting too much pressure on the torso.

Each Vest comes with 1 pair of body shaped weight-plates

During the development, of the vest, we focused on designing a vest with an optimized fit for all kinds of athletes. Each vest comes with 2 pairs of different length side straps. Depending on the body extent you can choose the right length for you. The shoulder straps have 2 buckle option so that also the height of the vest can be adjusted to your needs. These 2 features make this vest fit Athletes from skinny to bulky and small to tall. This vest really fits everybody.

The position of loading the plates into the vest moved to the side for a better fit and more safety. This gives us 2 major advantages. It is easier to load and exchange the plates and the plates fit tighter in the pocket and have almost no space in the vest which prevents the plates to move.


Items Delivered

  • Green Camo Fury Vest
  • 2 x 3D Shape Weight Plates 5,75lbs (red)
  • 3 x Rubber Patches - "USA Flag", "North Gym" & "NG Logo"
  • 4 x Side Straps (2 x 14" & 2 x 19")


Vest Tutorial:


North Gym Weight Vest Green Camo 14lbs

    • MULTI-TALENT: The vest is a multifunctional weight vest to intensify the training load and is ideal for strength and cross-training as well as running.


    • 3D WEIGHT-PLATES: The vest comes with a pair of 3 way body shaped weight plates that make the vest fit to your body like body armor.


    • ATHLETE FIT: The cut of the vest is specifically designed for all training movements. Running, Jumping, Handstand Push-ups and even hand stand walk. With this vest, you can do it all without the vest moving from its perfect position.


    • ADJUSTABLE: It comes with 2 pairs of different length side straps and is also adjustable in a range over 25 cm on the shoulders. This vest fits everyone, from skinny to bulky and small to tall.


    • PATCHES: The front and back of the vest have a Velcro finish which allows you to place patches all over. Each Vests comes already with 2 high quality rubber patches.
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